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Cooking with Shelburne Farms

(book, Melissa Pasanen & Rick Gencarelli)

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h4. From the publisher

For the growing number of people who want to feel a stronger connection to their food, Shelburne Farms has become an inspiration. Each year, visitors flock to Shelburne Farms for its educational programs and delicious food made from sustainable ingredients as well as for its incredible landscape.

Cooking with Shelburne Farms is a celebration of food from the land. With 100 recipes featuring 10 basic Vermont ingredients — milk and cheese, maple syrup, early-season greens, lamb, mushrooms, game, fish, pork, root-cellar vegetables, and apples — the dishes deliver rustic flavors with a fresh, comfortable, country-style cooking approach. 

There are recipes for low-fuss weeknight dinners, such as maple-black pepper roast chicken, as well as dishes that will impress guests, such as roast duck legs with sour cherry sauce. With classics like hash, shepherd’s pie, and tomato soup, and New England desserts like hot milk sponge cake and maple syrup pie, Cooking with Shelburne Farms brings a new twist to traditional favorites and pairs native ingredients with newer world flavors. 

In addition to the mouthwatering recipes, this book brings to life the succulent scenery and beauty of a working farm. From the smoky scent of a steaming sugarhouse to the treasure hunt for the first wild green shoots or prized mushrooms of the season, Cooking with Shelburne Farms will encourage readers to think about the origins of their food and to treasure the land and people who have brought it to them. It is a feast for all the senses.