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Going to the groats: a pictorial

(post, James Berry)

When I wrote about oat groats a couple of weeks ago, I promised that I'd post again after perfecting the art of cooking the groats in my rice cooker. I'm happy to report that I did that, successfully, this morning. And it was easy — almost embarrassingly so.

I cooked the groats per instructions (and ratios and settings) for white rice. In my rice cooker, it took about an hour to cook two rice measures of oat groats. I think the pictures say it best.

|[%image rawgroats width=300 caption="Raw oat groats in rice-cooker measure."]|[%image washinggroats width=300 caption="I washed and rinsed the oat groats — just like I do for rice."]|
|[%image groatsincooker width=300 caption="For two measures of groats, I added water as for two measures of white rice."]|[%image cookedgroats width=300 caption="After an hour, the groats were done, with great texture."]|
|[%image groatswithstrawberries width=300 caption="Served with fresh strawberries."]|[%image groatswithcranberries width=300 caption="Or with cranberries and pumpkin seeds."]|

Thanks for following along. You may need to adjust proportions slightly for your rice cooker — do let us know. Now, back to the career as a folk-singer.

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groatsincooker, l

cookedgroats, l

groatswithstrawberries, l

groatswithcranberries, l

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