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Herb day

(article, Culinate staff)

Yesterday was Herb Day. Not officially, of course — officially it was National Pralines Day — but two of our regular reads covered herbs: Food Day (the Oregonian's weekly food section) and  

[%image reference-image float=left width=275 caption="Fresh cilantro."]Both publications showed photos of favorite herbs and provided ideas for using them, but unfortunately the Oregonian's chart doesn't transfer well to the Web. (Check it out only if you're a glutton for online punishment.)'s herb slideshow, meanwhile, is very pretty but a little scant on how-to-use info (although it includes some nice recipe links). 

As for herby content on Culinate, we've got pieces on chives, cilantro, parsley, and a Matthew Amster-Burton column on keeping herbs fresh.

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