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June 10 Market Update

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A few more vendors join the market this week:
Unger Farms (strawberries) and Sulina and Bay’s Farm (vegetables) return to the Lloyd Farmers Market this week.
Camas Thai Cuisine will be serving Thai food. (cancelled)
Little Pots and Pans will be bringing a variety of savory tarts for anyone looking for a tasty grab and go meal.

Greenville Farm (strawberries, rhubarb, jams, tarts), Serious Bread (pitas and bagels), Rogue Creamery (cheeses and butters), Springwater Farm (wild and cultivated mushrooms) and Xiong Farmer (flowers) are all returning this week.

More farmers and food vendors will be coming to the market over the next few weeks. Baird Family Orchards and Packer Orchards will be at the market as soon as the cherries ripen. Both should be here next week. City Garden Farm will be coming to the market with vegetables in July. Lucy’s Juice Cart will start serving lemonade and fruit juices next week.

See you at the market!