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Recipe deal breakers

(article, Kim Carlson)

Earlier this week, Kim Severson of the New York Times wrote about recipe deal-breakers: the steps, equipment, or ingredients in recipes that make cooks turn tail and run for the takeout menu. Think pig's blood, "general fussiness," or trussing.

[%image reference-image float=left width=300 caption="Love the herbs; the cheesecloth, not so much."] Get comfortable: The comments are fun to read — and plentiful. And if 380 deal breakers aren't enough, you can find more discussion over at Michael Ruhlman's blog (he and many of his readers take a chef's perspective), or at Serious Eats, Yum Sugar, and the kitchn.

Our favorite source in Severson's story was Culinate blogger Cindy Burke, who gave up on a Martha Stewart cake recipe just this month that called for a unusual — and nearly impossible to find — pan.

My own personal deal breaker? I have to echo one of the Times commenters: Cheesecloth, especially if I'm out of it. Yours?

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