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Listen up: Mollie Katzen

(article, Kim Carlson)

Sierra Club Radio recently featured an interview worth hearing with Mollie Katzen. Katzen, whose well-loved vegetarian Moosewood Cookbook is celebrating its 30th anniversary, talks about food, recipes, and eating.

(For those unfamiliar with her, Katzen is the author of many cookbooks, some of which she letters and illustrates herself.)

The interview is all good, and may be of particular interest to those of us who are scrutinizing our diets, trying not only to eat less meat but also to add more vegetables.

Katzen offers stealth methods for getting kids (and grownups) to eat more veg, and she reveals her favorite Moosewood recipe: marinated sweet potatoes and broccoli (available only in editions published since 1992). 

This quote, toward the end of the interview, sums up her philosophy well: 

bq.I would really like to encourage people to think of food as being healthy and delicious as opposed to . . . healthy or_ delicious. I think we make a distinction between food that's good for you and food that's fun and sensual. And one of the things I've learned . . . is there does not need to be any separation between food that's good for you and food that makes you happy.

Note: The Katzen interview starts at about the halfway point in the program, in case you wish to skip ahead to it.