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Culinate Newsletter June 4 08

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,

 Cindy Burke recently [/mix/dinnerguest?author=1409 blogged] about how she fits vegetables into every meal;  Sarah Gilbert wants to eat [/mix/dinnerguest?author=4860 "local food exclusively"] — and finds delicious ways to do so. My colleague Carrie Floyd is spending the month of June trying to eat [/mix/challenge/wholegrainchallenge "whole grains"] throughout the day, while [/mix/dinnerguest?author=5811 "Cynthia Lair"] advocates starting early with whole foods (and eschewing "baby" food).

 For these people, eating is an invitation to try new flavors and foods, and cooking a way to fire their imaginations. What happens, though, when restrictions impede what you cook for yourself or for your friends? Zanne Miller explores [/articles/features/allergies "cooking for people with allergies"] and offers advice on how to keep it fun.

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

 P.S. As part of the [/mix/challengs/wholegrainchallenge "Whole Grain Challenge"] we're giving away a Bob's Red Mill gift basket to one lucky Fritterer each week in June. Just post your whole-grain (or other) meal on [/fritter Fritter] to be eligible to win.
story1id: 63806
story1text: A lucky sublet in France seeded the idea of farm shares for this early CSA advocate. 
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story2text: Tropical fruit is a treat. Check out eight common and not-so-common Culinate favorites.

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recipe1text: A new bubbly drink for late spring.
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recipe2text: Still gorging ourselves on asparagus.

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